[EMS Discuss] nominatively deterministic? ya baby

Tue Nov 12 14:14:23 PST 2013

I'm obviously coming to this topic late and there was
probably a fair amount of nominatively deterministic debate
that came to this finished product but I could be wrong. 

My point is the first sentence on the About page on our web
page says:
Eugene Makerspace is Oregon's latest & wonderfully
nominatively deterministic hackerspace. 

I have attempted to paste this paragraph into various places
to describe ourselves to others and always end up deleting
it. While my conversations at the EMS bring to mind at least
a dozen that would come to this anagnorisis at the drop of a
chapeau? Anyway, after checking some online dictionaries I
found some interesting entries to chew on. I really don't
care to change it but what I'm really concerned about is if
it will fit on a T-shirt?

>From some online dictionaries:

In philosophy Determinism is a philosophical position
stating that for everything that happens there are
conditions such that, given those conditions, nothing else
could happen.


A deterministic system is a system in which no randomness is
involved in the development of future states of the
system.[1] A deterministic model will thus always produce
the same output from a given starting condition or initial


In computer science, a deterministic algorithm is an
algorithm which, given a particular input, will always
produce the same output, with the underlying machine always
passing through the same sequence of states.

To me "nomitivelly" as in a democratic decision making
process and "deterministic" together seem to be a bit of a
non sequitur but they are both definitely wonderful and I
still think it would make a great T-shirt! 
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