[EMS Discuss] Inkjet-printed circuits?

Wed Nov 13 07:52:30 PST 2013

How did the polymorph experiments work out last night, Taper? What kind 
of resistivity were you getting?

We had only a little time to get Aidan's light finished (which we did, 
he was really pleased) so I wasn't able to track what you were doing there.


On 11/12/2013 1:23 PM, Taper Wickel wrote:
> Actually, they note that standard lubricating graphite does _not_ work
> -- it's not conductive at all.
> (I think the difference, based on very quick reading, is that lamp
> black/carbon black is in a paracrystalline
> form with electrons hanging out, and graphite is essentially sheets
> that slide against each other without
> electronic reactions.)
> Taper.

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