[EMS Discuss] pumpkin chunkin?

Thu Nov 14 09:23:35 PST 2013

It's on the calendar!  Thanks for the suggestion.  I should have thought of

Also, I completely agree with Ben.  If you can document your build process
in any way, it would go a long way in showing what our members are capable
of.  Whether it's a photo gallery, video, blog post, whatever.  I can work
with you to get it on the EMS site if you have photos but aren't sure how
to format it.

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 10:43 AM, Ben Hallert <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Suggestion for all teams: Please consider documenting any elements of your
> construction and testing possible.
> We should be able to generate several deliverables from this to help drive
> membership efforts.  Photo galleries, write ups, even video (especially any
> testing that involves putting your structure under stress/tension for the
> first time) if possible.
> - Ben
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