[EMS Discuss] Punkin' Chunkin' Volunteers?

Fri Nov 15 15:04:47 PST 2013

Is anyone planning to attend the competition who is not participating?
 Would you like to volunteer to help me out in running the event?  I'm
taking care of all the planning but I'll likely need a couple of people on
the day to help do things like:

- Spot pumpkins
- Mark landing sites
- Measure distances
- Keep an eye on the launchers for safety
- Keep an eye on the bike path to ensure if a pumpkin is heading that way
we can alert anyone on the path.

Most of those things can probably be done with the same couple of people.
 I just would like to have a couple names before the contest day so I know
who to go to.  I would ask Volunteers to show up at 10:00AM on that day and
stay until the contest is over or until their role is no longer needed.

It's next Saturday the 23rd.  Let me know if you can help!

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