[EMS Discuss] A Late Chunker Enters!

Mon Nov 18 13:36:56 PST 2013

The Science Factory is extremely pleased to announce our entry for the
Punkin' Chunkin' contest! "Team F=ma" will join the combatants on the
battlefield Saturday morning.

We'd also like to offer the opportunity for all contestants to participate
in a "bonus round." We actually last used our device just a few weeks ago,
at our annual Halloween event. We have around 20-25 leftover pumpkins from
that event. They are almost all heavier than regulation size (anywhere from
3 to 6 pounds), but after the official contest is over, anyone else who
would like to attempt the larger ordnance is welcome to do so.

The Science Factory looks forward to hosting all of you, contestants and
audience alike, for the festivities on Saturday!


Nick Spicher, Education Director
Science Factory Children's Museum and Exploration Dome
541-682-7892 / EMAIL HIDDEN
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