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Mon Nov 18 19:28:46 PST 2013

It depends on the size of the piston you pressurize.

psi: pounds per square inch.  If you have 100 psi pressure acting
through a 1 square inch piston, it will generate 100 lb. of force.
100 psi through a 2 square inch piston would create 200 lb. of force.
And so on.

To make an object jump, you need a force greater than the
gravitational force on the object.  A 10 lb.(mass) object has a
gravitational force of 10 lb.(force).  So you need more than 10
lb(force) to make it jump.  If I remember correctly, double the force
of gravity, 20 lb(force), would make it jump 16 feet high.

This will all become a lot clearer in (college) freshman physics.

(And note that the Imperial measurement system uses lb. as both a unit
of mass and a unit of force.  It's confusing, so I disambiguated them
above.  Metric system FTW.)

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 7:07 PM, mark Weller <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Me and a friend are working on building a robot like that boston dynamics "sand flea" does anybody know how we could make a good piston to power the launch?? We want to make it cheap so all DIY. Any body know if 100psi whould be enough to launch 10 pounds?
> Thanks,
> Connor Weller
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