[EMS Discuss] Lets schedule a time when we can all check out the 584 Wilson space!

Sat Nov 23 22:42:34 PST 2013

Hi Gang,

Guess what?

One of our letters of intent to lease has been accepted by the owner of 
a property we're interested in. Though it would have to be a five year 
lease unless there's wiggle room there. Here is the info:

$1829 / 4065ft² 45c / sqft - 584 Wilson St

  * Across the street from Eugene Fastener
  * 2710 sqft office, rest warehouse. Decent power, Gas heat, no sprinklers
  * Reception area, Two baths. Roll up door, kitchen area doubles as an
    additional meeting room.
  * Pictures: http://www.eugeneweb.com/gallery2/v/clif/Geeky/EMS/584Wilson/

The new price is $1400 / mo. We have scheduled to have a walk through on 
NEXT Tuesday (11/26) at 6:00PM.

We could meet at our current digs, and head over. It's just a couple 
blocks away.

     See Ya! :-)
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