[EMS Discuss] Lets schedule a time when we can all check out the 584 Wilson space!

Tue Nov 26 10:23:15 PST 2013

FYI this is happening TONIGHT!  I'll definitely be there.  Is anyone else
planning on attending?  As Clif mentioned, we could meet at EMS around
5:45PM and then head over to the space to be there at 6PM.  This could be
the next home for EMS so if you have some time tonight, please come down
and check it out with us.


On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 10:42 PM, Mr. Clif <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

>  Hi Gang,
> Guess what?
> One of our letters of intent to lease has been accepted by the owner of a
> property we're interested in. Though it would have to be a five year lease
> unless there's wiggle room there. Here is the info:
> $1829 / 4065ft² 45c / sqft - 584 Wilson St
>    - Across the street from Eugene Fastener
>    - 2710 sqft office, rest warehouse. Decent power, Gas heat, no
>    sprinklers
>    - Reception area, Two baths. Roll up door, kitchen area doubles as an
>    additional meeting room.
>    - Pictures:
>    http://www.eugeneweb.com/gallery2/v/clif/Geeky/EMS/584Wilson/
> The new price is $1400 / mo. We have scheduled to have a walk through on
> NEXT Tuesday (11/26) at 6:00PM.
> We could meet at our current digs, and head over. It's just a couple
> blocks away.
>     See Ya! :-)
>     Clif
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