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Bethany Thramer bethany at thinkersmith.org
Mon Oct 21 15:39:56 PDT 2013

Hello Eugene Makers,
November is fast approaching and with it, a fun opportunity to share our
love of innovation and discovery with the world of afterschool providers.
Oregon's annual Afterschool Conference will be hosting programs from all
over the state as they learn about new ideas and opportunities for their
programs. We have the chance to show off some of our creations and share
our experience with those who inspire the next generation of Makers.

We need a few volunteers to help man our booth, answer questions, and show
off creations to over 350 conference participants in Salem on November 9th.
The most important times will be open registration time from 8-9am, and
then again during lunch from 12-1pm.

If you are interested in helping out and sharing your experience with
others, or have any questions, please contact Bethany Thramer at
bethany at thinkersmith.org. Thanks for supporting Makers across Oregon and
hope to see you there!
*Bethany Thramer*
Operations Coordinator
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