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Rick Osgood rick at eugenemakerspace.com
Wed Oct 30 14:47:46 PDT 2013

I like the proposal now that I've read it.  I'm still curious about how it
would be billed if someone only needed space for a few days or a week.  I'm
also curious how that time will be enforced.  Also, what happens if people
are using all the space and there ends up not being enough room for others?
 Do projects get a maximum time limit so we can get new people in the space
and make sure to share the space?

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 2:06 PM, Mr. Clif <clif at eugeneweb.com> wrote:

>  Hi Gang,
> So here are my two cents worth.
> Just to clarify the annual meeting is on Saturday Dec 7th, not the 8th.
> Some of our members were in favor of tiered dues, some were not. One
> possibility here is to include a free bin with the next tier up, and maybe
> also include a discount on classes.
> I think that if members are going to get a free bin or box then they are
> required to always be members in good standing, eg don't skip any dues and
> have them paid up. Wheres lower tier members might not have that
> requirement.
> I assume that the shelves would be two feet deep which would give you the
> same $2.50 per Sqft rate.
> I think constantly updating a date on a tag to show the paid through date
> is impractical. Perhaps we could have an item number that we can look up in
> a data base?
> I think that if we make our policy clear on left items and that we try to
> return them for at least 30 days then its probably legal to take possession
> of them after that. Something like this:
> "...EMS will make a reasonable effort to return the items for at least 30
> days past due."
> I'm not sure about the members voting outside of an official meeting.
> This could be a special meeting as long as it is official, but even so
> getting a members quorum is often very hard, and not requiring one is not
> fair, so not sure what to do here. Just patitioning the board might be an
> option.
> At first I thought we could do the gallery like other maker spaces and
> charge for it. But I do like it being kind of a group consensious to show
> off what we're doing. I think the board would decide what area(s) are
> gallery space(s). I think that one year changes in the gallery is way too
> slow. Perhaps it could be updated at each regular membership meeting, or
> online votes. Like Bob I would be less concerned about official meetings
> here but not sure what is fair.
>     More thoughts later...
>     Clif
> On 10/30/2013 01:33 PM, Rick Osgood wrote:
> I should clarify that I'm not trying to tear apart this proposal.  I
> actually like the overall ideas I'm just concerned about how we will
> actually be able to enforce them.  Maybe we just need more details or
> clarifications is what I'm getting at.
> On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 1:30 PM, Rick Osgood <rick at eugenemakerspace.com>wrote:
>> First of all, what is a .md file?  I don't seem to have anything that can
>> open it and I'm not familiar with the extension.
>>  Second, I like this idea in general (based only on your summary).  I
>> get Sam's point that we might be restricting what activities will occur at
>> EMS based on who can afford to actually do those activities.  It seems a
>> bit unfair that someone with more money essentially has more options but
>> honestly, we have to do SOMEthing.  We need to make sure things don't just
>> collect and sit around forever.
>>  How with the $2.50 be billed?  $2.50 per sqft per month? per week?
>>  What if I only use the space for 1-2 weeks but you want to bill me per
>> month?  Do I have to pay for the whole month or do you pro-rate it so I
>> only pay for the time used?  What if it's 1.5 weeks? Do we go per day at
>> that point or round up to the nearest week/month?
>>  Also, what if someone wants to keep their large project out for three
>> days?  Two days are free, anything over that and we start charging money.
>>  How much will we stick to our guns on that?  I can envision many cases
>> where someone's project sticks around an extra day or two.  Do we then
>> demand them to pay us $2.50 per square foot pro-rated or do we just let it
>> go?
>>  I think it might be useful to include a provision that says the
>> board/membership can vote to approve larger projects with the requirement
>> that the motion includes a "review date".  That way if EMS as an
>> organization wants to work on or sponsor some large project, we have a way
>> to approve it.  Requiring the "review date" ensures that a project which
>> has gone stale or has lost momentum can be either booted out or start
>> paying rent.
>>  Lastly, EVERYTHING GETS A LABEL OR YOU LOSE IT!  I think this is fair
>> but I'm curious about possible legal ramifications   I'm guessing we would
>> only be able to get an answer to that by talking to a lawyer and we aren't
>> made of money so maybe we just have to consider it a disclaimer and hope
>> for the best.  Worth thinking about anyway though.
>> On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM, Sam Foster <sam at sneetchworks.com>wrote:
>>> I have mixed feelings about the storage proposal. I think in general I'm
>>> in favor, but the rates do put larger projects (e.g bike/trailer) out of
>>> reach of my budget. On the flip-side, I think its appropriate that the
>>> space *not* be used for indefinite storage of materials/junk/inactive
>>> projects by members, so the rates are a reasonable deterrent (there's
>>> self-storage units for that). I assume these are the kind of considerations
>>> that led to the current proposal.
>>> Somewhere in there I worry that we are putting a box around the kinds of
>>> things that can happen at the maker space. But I welcome the clarity and I
>>> assume no policies are set in stone from now till the end of time.
>>> /Sam
>>> On 10/30/2013 12:11 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
>>>> At our membership meeting Dec. 8th, I am going to propose that we
>>>> adopt some rules about storage.  I have attached a document which
>>>> would amend the Policies Document.  I will propose that these rules
>>>> take effect January 1st.
>>>> Since items up for vote have to be proposed 30 days ahead, we have
>>>> until 11/7 to discuss this and refine it.  Discuss/refine away!
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