[EMS Discuss] Whiteaker Shop Space for new Maker Space

Weston Turner EMAIL HIDDEN
Thu Oct 3 00:18:10 PDT 2013

I am publicly casting my vote for the Whiteaker shop space to be our new Maker Space location. I also request that we put the top spaces to a vote (even if just an informal straw poll).

The whit shop has a chimney for a wood stove, and rumor has it that there is a wood shop next door with a dumpster full of scrap wood. If we get a stove, that basically means we get free heat during the winter. That would save us a lot in utility costs. Plus, and most importantly, the space is really cool. And it's in the whit, regardless of whether we have a storefront presence, I think we will get more members and attention in that area. Who knows maybe we could even get sponsored by Ninkasi (the Eugene brewery who sponsors the Portland hacker space). 


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