[EMS Discuss] Whiteaker Shop Space for new Maker Space

Thu Oct 3 09:35:48 PDT 2013

I second this opinion. Great place but I think we would need some sort of grant or partnership to justify the leap.


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I also really like the Whiteaker space, based on the notes and what I've seen of the photos.  There's a problem though.  That space costs $1125 per month + utilities, internet, + whatever it will cost to route/fix electrical and build a wood stove, etc. We currently only have 21 paying members.  That's only $525 per month to pay for all of that stuff.  Of course, we've had several members pledge to pay extra for a while if we move to a new space.  With those pledges in mind, we still are around $100 short of having enough money to only cover the rent/bills.  That doesn't include and extra funds we would need to do repairs, run electrical, etc.  We still need more pledges or more regular income.  Either that or we need to get the price down on the space.

 That being said, it's actually one of the less expensive places we've looked at and actually had people like.  I'm not trying to rain on everyone's parade.  If we like these spaces, we should go for it.  We just need to be aware that we need more funding in order to actually sign any lease documents.

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I agree with Weston and Austin.
>On Oct 3, 2013 12:18 AM, "Weston Turner" <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>I am publicly casting my vote for the Whiteaker shop space to be our new Maker Space location. I also request that we put the top spaces to a vote (even if just an informal straw poll).
>>The whit shop has a chimney for a wood stove, and rumor has it that there is a wood shop next door with a dumpster full of scrap wood. If we get a stove, that basically means we get free heat during the winter. That would save us a lot in utility costs. Plus, and most importantly, the space is really cool. And it's in the whit, regardless of whether we have a storefront presence, I think we will get more members and attention in that area. Who knows maybe we could even get sponsored by Ninkasi (the Eugene brewery who sponsors the Portland hacker space).
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