[EMS Discuss] Whiteaker Shop Space for new Maker Space

Pat/Juke/Whatever... EMAIL HIDDEN
Fri Oct 4 12:31:47 PDT 2013


Jumping in a little late here (and, also being a bit of a lurker on  
the list, hope folks don't mind)

An option that may be of interest is that I have a friend, Daniel  
(he's come by to one or two open houses) that is looking for some shop  
space as well.  IF there was the possibility in this or one of the  
other possible locations for some personal space for his tools, he may  
be able to contribute a more significant monthly amount $100-200) to  
the rent.

Is this an option the EMS would consider?

If so, I would be happy to put everyone in touch to discuss.

Chef Juke
"EVERYbody eats when they come to MY house!"

Quoting James Hukill <EMAIL HIDDEN>:

> LOVE the Symantec bathroom reference.. Well done!
> Grants and sponsorship is a great idea, I have tried in the past and our
> 501c3 sponsor does slow things down in the area but does not make it
> impossible...
> Hop Valley in Springfield is a good friend of us Symantec folks (we call it
> building C as we have a building A and B)... and this proposed location is
> just around the corner so don't forget to add them to the list of people to
> hit up.  I know one of the owners a little (Jonas) so when ready I would be
> happy to him up...
> I love the excitement and enthusiasm for a new location.  Let's keep it up.
> --James
> On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 9:06 AM, Austin McKimmey <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> We could get large funds moving fast by promoting the space well, & that
>> we are moving to a new location. And offering  a discounted membership, new
>> and old members. Like $250 for the first year if you pay in full right
>> then. Instead of $300. That would give us cash flow to through at the new
>> place repairs. And hope that by the time that $50 we lost in membership
>> fees matters we have more members, because we have a larger more usable
>> space.
>> We need a larger space to attract new members, but we need new members to
>> fund the new space.
>> Wood stove aside, gas, electric, or whatever we need is still an option.
>> EMS ponchos would be great.
>> I just see a lot of potential in this space that we could really take
>> advantage of.
>> We also need to consider harder on grants and sponsorships. We could have
>> the "Herman Miller" Conference Room. The "Ninkasi" Lounge Loft. "Jerry's
>> Home Improvement" Wood Shop. "Aprovecho" Wood Stove. "Symantec" Bathroom
>> "Arcimoto" Garage Door.
>> These are all things that are possible. We just have to figure out the
>> plan then ask. It might work.
>> I also think the idea of having to run new electricity kind of fun. I have
>> never done it, but with guidance I could. That is if we are allowed to do
>> that kind of stuff. We could actually make a space that doesn't use power
>> strip into power strip for electricity. We can plan to have more then 1
>> 220v outlet. Like for Ricks Vacuum Table, our brand new Saw Stop table saw,
>> wielding booth, And band new industrial laser cutter.
>> These might be dreams now but I think it can happen.
>> On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 11:11 PM, <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>>> Funky and damp as it is, it is the best overall location so far and is a
>>> good size.  (I don't think the sizable
>>> upstairs office is even counted in the 2500.)
>>> I would caution against counting on wood heat, however.  Even if the
>>> landlord and his/her insurance company are
>>> amenable, the cost to acquire and install a stove big enough to make a
>>> difference in that large a space may be
>>> sizable.  (As far as I know, new legal installations of wood stoves are
>>> required to be of the modern catalytic style.)
>>>  Also, I think Tom noted that the nearby wood scraps were mostly plywood,
>>> which should not be burnt.  Plus, there will
>>> be some days when wood heat will not be allowed due to air quality, but
>>> probably not too many.
>>> -Darrell
>>> > $100 split between 25 members is a small price to pay for twice the
>>> space and a better location. The repairs and
>>> > improvements that we make will be one time costs that can occur when we
>>> have the means to pay for them. Regardless of
>>> > where we move, I think it's time to put our money where our mouthes
>>> are... Monies where our mouth is?
>>> >
>>> > Regards,
>>> > Weston
>>> >
>>> >> On Oct 3, 2013, at 9:03 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>
>>> wrote:
>>> >>
>>> >> I also really like the Whiteaker space, based on the notes and what
>>> I've seen of the photos.  There's a problem
>>> >> though.  That space costs $1125 per month + utilities, internet, +
>>> whatever it will cost to route/fix electrical and
>>> >> build a wood stove, etc. We currently only have 21 paying members.
>>>  That's only $525 per month to pay for all of
>>> >> that stuff.  Of course, we've had several members pledge to pay extra
>>> for a while if we move to a new space.  With
>>> >> those pledges in mind, we still are around $100 short of having enough
>>> money to only cover the rent/bills.  That
>>> >> doesn't include and extra funds we would need to do repairs, run
>>> electrical, etc.  We still need more pledges or
>>> >> more regular income.  Either that or we need to get the price down on
>>> the space.
>>> >>
>>> >>  That being said, it's actually one of the less expensive places we've
>>> looked at and actually had people like.  I'm
>>> >> not trying to rain on everyone's parade.  If we like these spaces, we
>>> should go for it.  We just need to be aware
>>> >> that we need more funding in order to actually sign any lease
>>> documents.
>>> >>
>>> >>
>>> >>> On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 6:19 AM, Cord Slatton <EMAIL HIDDEN>
>>> wrote:
>>> >>> I agree with Weston and Austin.
>>> >>>
>>> >>>> On Oct 3, 2013 12:18 AM, "Weston Turner" <EMAIL HIDDEN>
>>> wrote:
>>> >>>> I am publicly casting my vote for the Whiteaker shop space to be our
>>> new Maker Space location. I also request that
>>> >>>> we put the top spaces to a vote (even if just an informal straw
>>> poll).
>>> >>>>
>>> >>>> The whit shop has a chimney for a wood stove, and rumor has it that
>>> there is a wood shop next door with a dumpster
>>> >>>> full of scrap wood. If we get a stove, that basically means we get
>>> free heat during the winter. That would save us
>>> >>>> a lot in utility costs. Plus, and most importantly, the space is
>>> really cool. And it's in the whit, regardless of
>>> >>>> whether we have a storefront presence, I think we will get more
>>> members and attention in that area. Who knows
>>> >>>> maybe we could even get sponsored by Ninkasi (the Eugene brewery who
>>> sponsors the Portland hacker space).
>>> >>>>
>>> >>>> Regards,
>>> >>>> Weston
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