[EMS Discuss] Halloween Makery

Fri Oct 11 14:19:26 PDT 2013

What with the impending holiday, shouldn't we do some kind of theme
microevent? Big costume parties or such are probably out, just from time or
alternate commitment pressures, but perhaps some kind of small thing lumped
into an open hack night? Like, the Tuesday before Halloween (the 29th) --

Arduino-lit pumpkin carving and/or chucking night!

Or something.

(Now I think of it, maybe declaring a theme for given nights would be good
in general. I know that I am too often undirected in what I'm doing --
maybe saying, "Second Tuesday is robots!" (for example) would get some
direction and motivation into things? Themes would be optional -- you could
totally just print stuff or build a lamp on robot night -- but they'd
announce intentions, and gather groups with some sense of purpose, and
maybe appeal to people for whom the freeform nature of things is overly

Like, going from "EMS is cool but what _do_ I do there?" to "Hey, robot

But I digress.)

Anyway. Halloween theme night activity things? Any other ideas?

Taper Wickel <EMAIL HIDDEN>
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