[EMS Discuss] Questionable project or not?

Sat Oct 19 12:26:47 PDT 2013

It occurred to me after I left Friday that there may be
something else to the motivation of Dr. Davis's project. A
Google search shows he earns his living as an expert trial
witness. Did this cross anybody's mind?

Seems the reason he may have paid $50K to producer the
shaken baby syndrome video is because it's his tool to bring
to court, what buys his bread. I suspect his interest in
having the ability to build more copies of the shaken baby
head model would be to sell them to lawyers and others in
the expert witness business for court battles. I wounder
what the topic of the French Symposium is  that he described
as the only real reason he wanted this model for? A
symposium for lawyers or medical professionals?

I would say he misrepresented himself to us. 

I'm all for justice but I wouldn't kid myself about the
altruism of prosecutors and the court system. Think of the
gentleman that had a tear in his eye yesterday after telling
about shaking his daughter. County prosecutors with an eye
for an elected Attorney General slot peruse our innocent
friend or the callous sociopath with equal ferocity. 

While building this model might help some children it also
has the potential to hurt and split up families that suffer
from accidents, ignorance and poor judgment and in some
cases innocent people that were incorrectly accused. It's
really about money and politics as much as it's about
justice, and it doesn't always help society.

Any other opinions?

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