[EMS Discuss] Does anyone have a Wood Planer/Jointer and a Metal Detector?

Austin McKimmey EMAIL HIDDEN
Sat Oct 19 22:43:05 PDT 2013

I have a project I have been wanting to do for a while now. I finally will
be getting time to do it, but I need a Wood Planer or Jointer.

Want to take some pallet wood(I already have it, and it all ready) and turn
it into some nice end table for our bedroom. I would love to make it look
nice and actually have even surfaces. So a planer or jointer would be great.

And I am smart enough to know to make sure all the nails are out of the
wood. That is why I am also looking for a metal detector, I have pulled all
the nails out of the wood. But you can never be to sure. I want to insure
the person who is willing to let me use such equipment like Planer or
jointer I know what I am doing and will keep their tools safe.

If anyone has any of these, or knows where I might find one to use. I would
love get a Planer and jointer for the maker space, I am always looking for
deals on craigslist. but nothing is ever less then 200, and you can go out
and buy a new table top model at Jerrys for that much.

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