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Sun Oct 20 09:20:53 PDT 2013

That building is 50,400 Sqft and I think there are 12 units in it. This 
space that we are looking at is actually units 1, 2, and 3. I didn't 
look at all the businesses but one next door is a trophy company IIRC. :-)

Hope you don't mind if I post this thread to discuss, it seems to be 


On 10/19/2013 11:40 PM, Austin McKimmey wrote:
> Oh, I should have clarified. There looks to be 2 units in that 
> building. Am I wrong? what other businesses are in the area?
> On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 11:22 PM, Mr. Clif <EMAIL HIDDEN 
> <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN>> wrote:
>     Hi Austin,
>     thanks for the great feedback on that. :-) A long time ago when we
>     were thinking of going in with Fertilab I thought the kitchen area
>     might be a wet lab, but now it probably wants to be just a
>     kitchen. Though I agree we should really have a utility sink. The
>     area at the left end of the counter had a refrigerator, and we
>     might also install one there.
>     What unit? Are you talking about the end of the hallway just
>     outside of the kitchen? or are you talking about the little water
>     pipe in the refrigerator area? :-)
>         Ciao,
>         Clif
>     On 10/19/2013 10:27 PM, Austin McKimmey wrote:
>         I finally got a chance to look through the photos of the Tyinn
>         location. I really like the layout. The showroom is larger
>         then the space we have now.  A space like this is exactly what
>         we need if we are going to look to get sponsors to help us out.
>         There is so much potential there.
>         A real kitchen area that could be used for some kind of food
>         related project.
>         There is so much space that we could have real member storage
>         that we would not have to worry about large cumbersome
>         shooting gallery projects.
>         The show room can be used to have real shows/parties to get
>         members interested.
>         In one of the photos of the kitchen you have a comment about
>         how they would add a second sink? what kind of sink and where.
>         It would be great to get a large utility sink
>         What is the unit next to it?
>         Thanks,
>         Austin

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