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Sun Oct 20 11:23:21 PDT 2013

I'm thinking instead of holding our meetings somewhere else and asking 
for sponsorship how about renting out our meeting room and getting extra 
money for that from other groups each month? That might even bring in 
more money and certainly get people down to our actual space not 
somewhere else.


On 10/20/2013 11:14 AM, James Hukill wrote:
> I totally agree that (IMHO) we can/should seek some sponsorship.  The 
> topic has come up before and there are some senior members with valid 
> points about making sure it's done tastefully.  The example (to take 
> it to the extreme for the point) is they do not want the shop to look 
> like NSCAR.  I get that 100% and agree.  There has to be some middle 
> ground though.
> But, cart before the horse?.. When do we wait if at all to ask for 
> some sponsorship?  What do we have to offer in return? Do we do it 
> before we move?
> Simple example would be something like HopValley or Ninkasi.  We 
> offerer to hold our membership meetings on site with them.  Most of us 
> go and and have a drink now and again so might as well spend it with 
> them.  They give EMS money and in return they know we will be onsite 
> for a member meeting once a month that will bring them in x amount of 
> $$.  Stickers at the shop with their logo, and or some type of 
> newsletter with their logo name as a Sponsor...
> On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Austin McKimmey <EMAIL HIDDEN 
> <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN>> wrote:
>     I feel like we have discussed membership cost increasing many
>     times before. I don't think it has ever ended in any actual
>     consideration to change anything though. There are some of us, me
>     included in not embarrassed to say, that $25 is a hell of a lot to
>     pay already. There would have to be a much larger space and brand
>     new shiny tools there for me to consider paying any more.
>     Everyone has heard me say this before. I personally think, if we
>     have a presentable space. Not something full of junk and rusty
>     tools. We could start asking for sponsorship funding from local
>     businesses.
>     There is a lot we can do.
>     Austin
>     On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 10:06 AM, James Hukill <EMAIL HIDDEN
>     <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN>> wrote:
>         I agree, but, there has to be some value add for the increase
>         dues.  Bigger space with more room and not a project dump (aka
>         bike cart overdue for going away) site is a start.
>         We might chase folks away and there are some current members
>         that the current dues are already at their max.  The idea of
>         some shop work credit has been thrown about but I never heard
>         what he board had to say about it(?).  If you are at your max
>         dues then you have open and close the open house nights or
>         other shop duties,  well lets be honest chores for lack of a
>         better term.  The shit no one wants to due but needs to get
>         done and if that helps you stay in at a price you can afford I
>         am all for that.
>         But more to the point you were working on. Better tools, toys
>         and resources for current and a draw for future members.  IMHO
>         I think a new space will breed some new enthusiasm into the
>         shop and might bring some life back into EMS.. who knows...
>         Is there a list of tools we want/need anymore?  It used to be
>         on the whiteboard and was supposed to get transferred to a
>          inventory system that was going online?  That I was Kassandra
>         I think.  Do we have a location for groups projects and their
>         status?
>         On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 9:49 AM, Cord Slatton
>         <EMAIL HIDDEN <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN>> wrote:
>             Recently Marie came across an article that explained
>             Makerspaces and their costs and gave a range of services
>             etc. for a variety of areas and uses...The lowest
>             membership dues even listed were $35/month. Maybe we need
>             to increase our dues just slightly to give us more
>             flexibility and to allow us to invest in ourselves and
>             have better equipment and a better location.
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