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Sun Oct 20 11:27:50 PDT 2013

I would be shocked if anyone wants to use our current space as a meeting
room and pay for it.

So if you don't like the idea of having a meeting at a sponsor site, how
about an event or competition of some sort?  Fastest beer chilling
contraption or beer pouring bot?  What are your limits for what EMS would
do or with a sponsor?
I get you don't want one but there are possible enough members that do so
what the middle ground?

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Mr. Clif <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

>  I'm thinking instead of holding our meetings somewhere else and asking
> for sponsorship how about renting out our meeting room and getting extra
> money for that from other groups each month? That might even bring in more
> money and certainly get people down to our actual space not somewhere else.
>     Clif
> On 10/20/2013 11:14 AM, James Hukill wrote:
> I totally agree that (IMHO) we can/should seek some sponsorship.  The
> topic has come up before and there are some senior members with valid
> points about making sure it's done tastefully.  The example (to take it to
> the extreme for the point) is they do not want the shop to look like NSCAR.
>  I get that 100% and agree.  There has to be some middle ground though.
>  But, cart before the horse?.. When do we wait if at all to ask for some
> sponsorship?  What do we have to offer in return? Do we do it before we
> move?
> Simple example would be something like HopValley or Ninkasi.  We offerer
> to hold our membership meetings on site with them.  Most of us go and and
> have a drink now and again so might as well spend it with them.  They give
> EMS money and in return they know we will be onsite for a member meeting
> once a month that will bring them in x amount of $$.  Stickers at the shop
> with their logo, and or some type of newsletter with their logo name as a
> Sponsor...
> On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Austin McKimmey <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:
>> I feel like we have discussed membership cost increasing many times
>> before. I don't think it has ever ended in any actual consideration to
>> change anything though. There are some of us, me included in not
>> embarrassed to say, that $25 is a hell of a lot to pay already. There would
>> have to be a much larger space and brand new shiny tools there for me to
>> consider paying any more.
>> Everyone has heard me say this before. I personally think, if we have a
>> presentable space. Not something full of junk and rusty tools. We could
>> start asking for sponsorship funding from local businesses.
>> There is a lot we can do.
>>  Austin
>>  On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 10:06 AM, James Hukill <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>>> I agree, but, there has to be some value add for the increase dues.
>>>  Bigger space with more room and not a project dump (aka bike cart overdue
>>> for going away) site is a start.
>>> We might chase folks away and there are some current members that the
>>> current dues are already at their max.  The idea of some shop work credit
>>> has been thrown about but I never heard what he board had to say about
>>> it(?).  If you are at your max dues then you have open and close the open
>>> house nights or other shop duties,  well lets be honest chores for lack of
>>> a better term.  The shit no one wants to due but needs to get done and if
>>> that helps you stay in at a price you can afford I am all for that.
>>>  But more to the point you were working on. Better tools, toys and
>>> resources for current and a draw for future members.  IMHO I think a new
>>> space will breed some new enthusiasm into the shop and might bring some
>>> life back into EMS.. who knows...
>>>  Is there a list of tools we want/need anymore?  It used to be on the
>>> whiteboard and was supposed to get transferred to a  inventory system that
>>> was going online?  That I was Kassandra I think.  Do we have a location for
>>> groups projects and their status?
>>>  On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 9:49 AM, Cord Slatton <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>>>>  Recently Marie came across an article that explained Makerspaces and
>>>> their costs and gave a range of services etc. for a variety of areas and
>>>> uses...The lowest membership dues even listed were $35/month. Maybe we need
>>>> to increase our dues just slightly to give us more flexibility and to allow
>>>> us to invest in ourselves and have better equipment and a better location.
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