[EMS Discuss] Promoting EMS; Why is open hack night not on the EMS Calendar?

Sun Oct 20 13:39:49 PDT 2013

Hi Guys,

I just added all of these to this page: 

It still needs some fleshing out, want to help? :-)


On 09/25/2013 10:09 AM, Rick Osgood wrote:
> These are all awesome ideas.  Open hack night is on the EMS Google 
> calendar, which is supposed to be synced to the website calendar.  I 
> hadn't realized it wasn't actually working any more so I'll take a 
> look and see if I can fix it.  I'll also rename the event on the 
> Google calendar to be "open hack night" since that's what we've been 
> calling it.
> I'll also look into the Eugene Weekly calendar and see if I can get us 
> on there.
> On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Weston Turner <EMAIL HIDDEN 
> <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN>> wrote:
>     I think that the "If we build it they will come", i.e., getting a
>     bigger space, phenomena will only work so well at getting us more
>     members. But we are not helping either by not advertising our Open
>     Hack Night on the events calendar on our website.
>     Tonight Darrel, Taper, and I were brainstorming about other means
>     of promoting EMS, they are as follows:
>     KLCC Events Calender - http://www.klcc.org/calendar.asp
>     This is a free and effective way to promote events, it was the
>     sole basis for promoting a robotics club that I ran for a few
>     years and there were often 6 - 10 people that would show up just
>     based on seeing the event on the KLCC site. I looked at setting up
>     an event for EMS, but they want my email and phone number, so
>     without having an EMS email, I'd rather let someone with an
>     official EMS address do it.
>     Eugene Weekly Events - http://www.eugeneweekly.com/content/calendar
>     Dean at the UO Science Library - Maybe we could put some EMS
>     postcard sized flyers on a table or desk at the Science Library.
>     Sherry at UO CS Department - Maybe we could do the same at the
>     front desk at the UO CS building.
>     Craigslist Events/Groups - http://eugene.craigslist.org/eve/
>     Go to the Science Pubs at Cozmic Pizza -
>     https://www.omsi.edu/sciencepubeugene
>     We could see about placing EMS flyers at the donations table at
>     the Science Pub, and if members made an effort to go and mingle
>     with folks there, other attendees would likely be interested in
>     our organization (same target demographic and all).
>     If anyone has other free and easy ideas for promoting EMS, lets
>     hear them!
>     Best Regards,
>     Weston
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