[EMS Discuss] Target shooting range?

Tue Oct 22 07:06:02 PDT 2013

The status of this project is that 90% of the people working on it
abandoned it. Taper and I have been finishing it up, we are 98-99% done. We
made considerable investments of time and money and want to see it done.

I have offered multiple times to take it to my garage, however if I do the
things I consider relevant:
- The only use I have been getting out of my membership is the storage of
the target gallery while finishing it up
- I would want to own the target gallery and be able to make decisions
about it at that point instead of donating more time and money to the shop
if the shop doesn't want it.

I have intended to post to discuss about our progress, but have been busy
and forgot or the updates aren't very interesting.

I feel like no one except me and Taper want the target gallery finished and
that I am tired of being harassed about it and that the best solution is
for me to take it to my garage and EMS can forget it ever existed...

I am unwilling to tear it down, I want to see it completed, even if I have
to do it alone.


On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 11:20 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:

> What's the status of this project?  It's been about six months since the
> competition ended and it's still taking up a lot of useful space in the
> shop.  We keep talking about getting a bigger space and recently in the
> other thread there was talk about raising dues.  But if we can use our
> current space more efficiently we might be able to get more done with less
> in the meantime.
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