[EMS Discuss] Lets schedule a time when we can all check out the 1010 Tyinn space!

Fri Oct 25 14:31:32 PDT 2013

On 10/25/2013 2:11 PM, Rick Osgood wrote:
> What do you mean by "moving there" Sam?  Do you mean having a 
> dedicated space in the building for yourself to do work?
Something like that. TBH I can't afford, don't want and don't need my 
own "office"; I don't need a room or space set aside for just me, but 
some storage (secured locker or small filing cabinet maybe) and an 
understanding that I'll be there for several hours a day, several days a 
week. That's the co-working arrangement I have here at codechops and 
similar to how I worked in the UK. I only mention it because while my 
budget for after-hours hacking is pretty limited, I have more set aside 
for day-work and if I can give that  to EMS, its a win-win.

> We have discussed the possibility of renting small offices to members 
> (or outsiders) if we got a big enough space so we could try to offset 
> the cost of the large space.  I'm not sure how we would handle that 
> legally but I think it's something we've all talked about and are 
> interested in.
I would be interested to hear about any legal ramifications, that hadn't 
occurred to me. I would be fine with an informal arrangement if mixed 
hobby/"professional" use is an issue.
> I really like the 1010 Tyinn space myself.  It's by far the best one 
> we've looked at.  It's got a nice-looking entry way that is wide open. 
>  It would be much more welcoming to new people than our current 
> entrance.  It would be the perfect place to host talks, classes, or do 
> "cleaner" activities like microcontroller projects.  Then once we get 
> people in the door and feeling comfortable we can take them back to 
> the messy spaces where all the big, loud, messy tools are.
For some it will be the reverse. That giant warehouse/shop space is just 
begging for large burning man -type projects, vehicle projects, 
robot-wars arenas.. its easy to get carried away :) But its flat, 
covered space that few of us have at home.


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