[EMS Discuss] Lets schedule a time when we can all check out the 1010 Tyinn space!

Fri Oct 25 15:03:31 PDT 2013

Hi Sam,

Yes Having a chunk of personal storage  or floor space is certainly 
something that many Hackerspaces provide and something I am all for, and 
I think that we as a board are close to working out the rates for that.

I am also excited about the possibility of renting some or all of any 
office space. As Rick alluded to there are some legal constraints that 
we must be careful about, but from what I've learned so far they are 
easy to satisfy.


On 10/25/2013 02:31 PM, Sam Foster wrote:
> On 10/25/2013 2:11 PM, Rick Osgood wrote:
>> What do you mean by "moving there" Sam?  Do you mean having a 
>> dedicated space in the building for yourself to do work?
> Something like that. TBH I can't afford, don't want and don't need my 
> own "office"; I don't need a room or space set aside for just me, but 
> some storage (secured locker or small filing cabinet maybe) and an 
> understanding that I'll be there for several hours a day, several days 
> a week. That's the co-working arrangement I have here at codechops and 
> similar to how I worked in the UK. I only mention it because while my 
> budget for after-hours hacking is pretty limited, I have more set 
> aside for day-work and if I can give that  to EMS, its a win-win.
>> We have discussed the possibility of renting small offices to members 
>> (or outsiders) if we got a big enough space so we could try to offset 
>> the cost of the large space.  I'm not sure how we would handle that 
>> legally but I think it's something we've all talked about and are 
>> interested in.
> I would be interested to hear about any legal ramifications, that 
> hadn't occurred to me. I would be fine with an informal arrangement if 
> mixed hobby/"professional" use is an issue.
>> I really like the 1010 Tyinn space myself.  It's by far the best one 
>> we've looked at.  It's got a nice-looking entry way that is wide 
>> open.  It would be much more welcoming to new people than our current 
>> entrance.  It would be the perfect place to host talks, classes, or 
>> do "cleaner" activities like microcontroller projects.  Then once we 
>> get people in the door and feeling comfortable we can take them back 
>> to the messy spaces where all the big, loud, messy tools are.
> For some it will be the reverse. That giant warehouse/shop space is 
> just begging for large burning man -type projects, vehicle projects, 
> robot-wars arenas.. its easy to get carried away :) But its flat, 
> covered space that few of us have at home.
> /Sam
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