[EMS Discuss] pumpkin chunkin?

Fri Oct 25 16:49:20 PDT 2013

The Science Factory says we can use their front lawn for this contest if we
want to do it. The date would be Nov 23, which gives you pretty much
exactly 1 month to build your launcher.  If I we can get three entries or
more, we will go ahead with the event.  I put together a preliminary list
of rules and included them below.  If you are interested in this event,
please read through the rules below and respond to let me know if you want
to sign up.  If I get three sign ups before Wednesday the 30th, we will
move forward.  If not, we can try again next year maybe with some more prep

   1. No compressed air/gas devices
   2. No explosives.
   3. Pumpkins must be less than or equal to 4" in diameter (I'll have to
   figure out a weight limit instead of size for easier measuring)
   4. Pumpkins must remain intact until they hit the ground.
   5. Machine must not cross the firing line.
   6. Pumpkins cannot be altered.
   7. Machines must fire within 3 minutes.
   8. Lost pumpkins may get an extra try if they have a pumpkin ready to go.
   9. You may sign up as an individual or as a team.

On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 1:08 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> I was looking at this tiny pumpkin sitting on my desk at work (maybe 4-5
> inches in diameter) and thinking it would be fun if EMS hosted a mini
> pumpkin chunkin contest specifically for little pumpkins like this one. We
> could do the event close to Thanksgiving which would give us a month to
> design/build/plan/etc.  I'm curious if people would actually sign up for
> this or what.  It might be a good way to get more exposure and to get
> people working together in the shop.  I have no idea where we would
> actually do the event though.  Somewhere we can safely launch small
> baseball sized pumpkins.
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