[EMS Discuss] New Storage Rules for Eugene Maker Space

Wed Oct 30 12:11:05 PDT 2013

At our membership meeting Dec. 8th, I am going to propose that we
adopt some rules about storage.  I have attached a document which
would amend the Policies Document.  I will propose that these rules
take effect January 1st.

Since items up for vote have to be proposed 30 days ahead, we have
until 11/7 to discuss this and refine it.  Discuss/refine away!

Summarizing, this is what it says.

  - Every member gets one box on the shelves.
  - Additional shelf space is$5/month/linear foot.
  - Floor space is $2.50/sq ft, $25 minimum, subject to board approval.
  - Other rental - offices, work tables, etc. are up to the board.
  - Short term.  Leave your mess out for 2 hours without restriction.
Leave your oversize project in the space for 48 hours.  For free.
  - Loans - you may lend tools, but EMS may reject them.
  - Donations - you may donate tools and materials, but EMS may reject them.
  - "Gallery Items" are finished works worthy of display.  A Gallery
Item must be approved by majority of membership, and Gallery Item
status must be renewed annually.  We display (store) those for free.

But please read the actual proposal.


It may seem weird how I've split responsibilities between the board
and membership votes.  There's a simple reason, though.  The board can
act fairly quickly -- usually within 2 weeks.  So they get to make the
quick decisions.  A membership vote is much slower, and higher
overhead, but it is the actual "will of the people".  So the
membership gets as much control as possible.

I will also, between now and 11/7, make a list of current "Gallery
Items" and submit proposals to approve them.

Thank you for helping make Eugene Maker Space work!

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN
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