[EMS Discuss] New Storage Rules for Eugene Maker Space

Wed Oct 30 12:49:12 PDT 2013

I have mixed feelings about the storage proposal. I think in general I'm 
in favor, but the rates do put larger projects (e.g bike/trailer) out of 
reach of my budget. On the flip-side, I think its appropriate that the 
space *not* be used for indefinite storage of materials/junk/inactive 
projects by members, so the rates are a reasonable deterrent (there's 
self-storage units for that). I assume these are the kind of 
considerations that led to the current proposal.

Somewhere in there I worry that we are putting a box around the kinds of 
things that can happen at the maker space. But I welcome the clarity and 
I assume no policies are set in stone from now till the end of time.


On 10/30/2013 12:11 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
> At our membership meeting Dec. 8th, I am going to propose that we
> adopt some rules about storage.  I have attached a document which
> would amend the Policies Document.  I will propose that these rules
> take effect January 1st.
> Since items up for vote have to be proposed 30 days ahead, we have
> until 11/7 to discuss this and refine it.  Discuss/refine away!

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