[EMS Discuss] Call for artwork.

Tue Sep 3 13:04:06 PDT 2013

Are there instructions for how to print to the printer?  I might be
interested to print out some fun posters for EMS but I'm not sure how I
actually would go about doing it.  Is it network enabled or something?

On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 11:13 AM, <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> All,
> While the large-format printer is still available, I hope to spruce up our
> space using it.  If anyone wishes to
> produce signage to replace our hand-drawn signs or anything else at all
> that might improve the space, that would be
> appreciated.  It's still there for personal use as well!
> SVG is probably the preferred format for artwork/signs, but if not then
> remember to make it crazy-high resolution.
> IIRC, it prints at 600 DPI color, and 1200 DPI B/W.  It's 36" wide, but
> with a custom paper size and landscape
> printing we could do banners.
> -Darrell
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