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FYI - thought some of you might be interested in the 9/25 meeting on
startup ventures in particular. Thanks,

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We start off the Fall with two scheduled meetings for the Ed/Research
Cluster and several related announcements.

 A panel discussion titled "Strategies and Resources for Incubating Startup
Ventures" will be the featured topic at our Wednesday, September
25thmeeting.from 3:30 - 5:00 PM at the Chamber of Commerce (14th and
Willamette).  I will be moderating the panel, whose members are:  Mary
Claire Feighan, Supervisor of NEDCO's Hatch Incubator; Joe Maruschak with
the FertiLab Incubator; Jim Lindly, Director of Lane CC's Small Business
Development Center; and Nathan Lillegard, Director of the Lundquist Center
for Entrepreneurship. The panel will discuss the services and resources
their respective organizations provide to startup businesses and the key
challenges that startups face.

The September meeting company bio will be BEST Workshops for Educators,
Inc. www.bestworkshops.org - Louise Bronaugh, founder and CEO. BEST
provides professional development options for school districts around the
country.  Most recently they have been focused on a new model of delivery
that involves the summer and after school markets.

Related to our September meeting topic is a local event affiliated with the
Kauffman Foundation- Eugene will host a Startup Weekend (
http://eugene.startupweekend.org/) on Oct. 11. If you or members of your
organization are interested in a future startup venture, this is a good
event to attand and get a feel for the culture and requirements.

Our October 23rd meeting will feature a program on school enrichment
opportunities presented by Darby Giannone.

I'm working with the website committee for the Culture and Education
Alliance (CEA), run by the Lane Arts Council. This is a group of the many
arts and related organizations (like Thinkersmith, gardening in the
schools, Bring Recycling, etc.) that offer education programs for the
schools. CEA networks these organizations and more importantly is seeking
to articulate them with our local school districts to get these no cost and
low cost programs into classrooms.

 Eventually, we're hoping to find some volunteer web developers to actually
build the site--BUT-- for the moment, we only require a web development
savvy person who could attend one or two of our meetings to give us
guidance on preparing a useful requirements document. The core focus of of
the Site is to provide a form-driven page for each organization to get
their education programs into a simple database --along with a form-driven
page for school teachers and administrators to locate these programs
according to their particular classroom requirements.

Any help or guidance you could provide in helping us recruit a
volunteer advisor and eventually volunteer developer(s) for this important
local community project would be appreciated. Please respond directly to

We thank the Eugene Area Chamber for providing administrative support and
facilities for our meetings; and our meeting sponsor, Gleaves Swearingen
Potter & Scott LLP, for providing light refreshments.

Feel free to share these emails with your colleagues.  I'm happy to receive
requests from anyone wishing to be added to the Ed/Research email contact
list or to respond to any questions you have about the Education/Research

Paul Berger
Score 4 Reading, LLC
Direct line: 541 357-8236
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