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Thu Sep 5 09:12:01 PDT 2013

Thanks for the comparison, Sam.

The thing is, what you get at CodeChops, a desk to use when you're
there, is included in your EMS membership.  Okay, CodeChops has better
ambiance and we don't have coffee.  (Completely off topic: do we need
a coffee machine?)  What James wants, if I understand him, is a place
where he can leave his stuff out all the time.

As for the dirty noisy space/clean quiet space, I strongly agree.
When we have a new space, that will be one of my personal top
priorities.  (I care more about cleanliness than quiet, but they do go

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 8:31 PM, Sam Foster <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> At my last space, there was member who used the space daily and was building
> a business using the facilities. He (voluntarily) paid a premium rate and I
> believe invested some of his own money in equipment and, electrics.
> We also discussed the possibility of renting deskish space out, running a
> co-working space and the range of options in between. The issue was always
> finding a space that was suitable for the lathes, table saws and similar
> noisy/dirty/dusty tools, that also provided cleaner, quieter space for
> computerish and cleaner crafts/making work. This does exist - lots of
> businesses require an office in back or above the shop floor. But its not
> usually large enough to have space left over to rent out. Walls can be built
> though..  (FWIW I think having a dust-free section to the space would go a
> long way towards increasing the diversity of the people and activities
> associated with EMS)
> I currently rent a desk at codechops. I pay $100/mo for unlimited access,
> with no reserved or dedicated-to-me desk. Its a pretty good deal. For me (as
> a fairly typical remote worker) I need reliable wifi, desk and chair, a
> bathroom, mini-kitchen (or even just a coffee machine). and few distractions
> during the 9-5 period. Codechops being smack in the middle of downtown is a
> plus, mostly for lunch and coffee/snack options. I don't think the kind of
> people interested in codechops or that kind of co-working office space are
> the same people who might want to lease space in or next to a maker-space. I
> think there you are more into the entrepreneur, prototyping-phase
> small/bootstrapped business. But I could be wrong.
> There are other models out there. Artist studios usually provide a cube with
> some shared facilities. I can see that being an interesting mix. Then
> there's this place started up while I was in Leeds - they bring in a lot of
> local craftsy businesses and designer/creatives:
> http://www.duke-studios.com/ .. But for any of these options to go anywhere
> I think you need to start with a commitment from someone who is motivated to
> make this side of the project happen. That might be a partnership with an
> existing group or someone who's spotted a gap in the market and wants to
> make it happen. It wont just fall out and happen by itself though.
> /Sam
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