[EMS Discuss] 1000 Obie St.

Fri Sep 6 10:17:10 PDT 2013

Heard back from The Realtor for 1000 Obie which is closer in.

She said it has three large workshop like rooms upstairs. She also 
thought EMS would be a perfect fit, and seemed excited to talk to us. 
 From the picture you can see that there is just one outside starway to 
it. Though there are many offices downstairs, the upstairs only has a 
small room with a sink that *could* be made into an office in a pinch. 
Some of the downstairs offices can be carved off for us for an extra 
cost. If we do that then there is also an inside staircase we can use. I 
think it's too bad that the offices aren't upstairs and the shop on the 
ground floor but C'est la vie. So lets say we wanted some office space 
then it would be $1200 + something like $200 - $300 extra? So that would 
be about the same as the 175 Danebo place. for maybe a little less total 

We can schedule a visit either tomorrow or next week.


Mr. Clif wrote:
> Also I just drove by this place which I think is next to the silk 
> screen or embroidery ladies place:
> http://eugene.craigslist.org/off/4006736624.html
> It's upstairs so that might be a show stopper, not sure if the office 
> space in the picture is part of that or not because that part seems to 
> be downstairs.

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