[EMS Discuss] Potential property at Broadway and WIllamette

Fri Sep 6 12:53:37 PDT 2013

The southeast corner of the Woolworth Building at Broadway and
WIllamette has a For Lease sign in the window.  The sign says 2200 sq.
ft.   It faces Willamette.  It is directly under CodeChops, I think.
It is a beautiful space.  It is undoubtedly out of our price range,
but it's possible the owner wants a nonprofit.  Some of us (Rick, Clif
and Kevin, maybe) talked to the landlord about another space in that

A highly visible location like this would help EMS grow like nothing else, IMO.

Here is a photo of the sign.  Unfortunately, I can not follow up on
this, but if one of you wants to, there's a phone number.  (The QR64
just points to eebcre.com.)

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN
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