[EMS Discuss] Potential property at Broadway and WIllamette

Fri Sep 6 16:42:20 PDT 2013

That's right next to where I work!


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I called the realtor.  111 E. 11th is no longer available.

But he pointed me to 970 Pearl.  It is next door to Togo's, across the street from Diablo's and the bus station.  2000-4000 sq ft, $1.00/sq ft triple net.  Yes, it's downtown; no, it's not a great downtown location.  But it's storefront, and there is foot traffic.  (I would know; I walk past it every day. (-: )

He gave me a flyer, which I have attached.

On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 2:47 PM, Bob Miller <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Yes I figured that out too late.  The Woolworth Building is W.
> Broadway.  This space is on the Willamette side of the building.  I 
> don't know the address, but CodeChops lists their address at 44 W 
> Broadway, Suite 206.
> I also saw a not quite so nice but maybe cheaper space at 111 E. 11th.
>  It is still in the pedestrian-friendly area of downtown, and it 
> appears to have a few parking spaces.  Sorry, no realtor contact info 
> yet.  The sign says there are two spaces, 1200 and 2200 sq. ft.
> I did not get contact info; I will go back and get it.
> On Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Mr. Clif <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> Hi Bob and gang,
>> I called them this morning about this sign but they seemed clueless 
>> as to what I was talking about. It is not suite 101 which is their 
>> office. The guy didn't know who code chops was either, sigh... But I will call them again.
>> ;-)
>>     Clif
>> Bob Miller wrote:
>>> The southeast corner of the Woolworth Building at Broadway and 
>>> WIllamette has a For Lease sign in the window.  The sign says 2200 sq.
>>> ft.   It faces Willamette.  It is directly under CodeChops, I think.
>>> It is a beautiful space.  It is undoubtedly out of our price range, 
>>> but it's possible the owner wants a nonprofit.  Some of us (Rick, 
>>> Clif and Kevin, maybe) talked to the landlord about another space in 
>>> that building.
>>> A highly visible location like this would help EMS grow like nothing 
>>> else, IMO.
>>> Here is a photo of the sign.  Unfortunately, I can not follow up on 
>>> this, but if one of you wants to, there's a phone number.  (The QR64 
>>> just points to eebcre.com.)
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