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Mon Sep 9 09:31:39 PDT 2013

Hello, Makers!

In case it isn't already on your radar, that *other* Mini Maker Faire in
Oregon will be taking place this Saturday and Sunday at OMSI. Info at
http://www.omsi.edu/maker-faire-pdx. I plan on being there on Saturday,
handing out a giant stack of business cards to get the early word out about
next year's Eugene Mini.

Speaking of which...

It's about time for me to put in an application for next year's event. If
you have any feedback from June, positive, negative, or otherwise, that you
think might help in planning for next year, I'd love to hear from you.

In addition, I am hoping to put together a "steering committee" of all
those (not just EMS) who are interested in contributing their time and
talents to the Maker Faire beyond simply attending or presenting.
Specifically, I'm hoping to recruit people to help with recruiting more
makers, maintaining the blog, soliciting sponsors, publicizing the event...
and in the long run, possibly working on a new venue when we outgrow the
Science Factory. (You guys don't know anything about outgrowing your
current facility, do you?:D) If you are interested in contributing to any
or all of this, please drop me an e-mail. Thanks!


Nick Spicher, Education Director
Science Factory Children's Museum and Exploration Dome
541-682-7892 / EMAIL HIDDEN
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