[EMS Discuss] Symantec Building (133 W. Broadway)

Mon Sep 9 09:53:14 PDT 2013

Yesterday a few of us spoke with Kiki from Thinkersmith.  She has some
really exciting plans for the future of Thinkersmith.  Part of those plans
includes working with the City to rent a large portion of space in the
old Symantec Building downtown (133 W. Broadway).  The idea is for the City
to help fund and build a STEM center downtown.

Kiki has graciously invited us to be a part of this venture, if we want.
 There is some potential that the Science Factory might end up being a part
of this center too but as with many things, that is also up in the air.
 The timeline on this project is 2 years so we may not be able to move into
this building for a while, but if we decide we want to go for it Kiki will
work with the City to try and allow us to move in earlier since we have
outgrown our current space.

Step one is to go look at the space and see if it would actually be
suitable for EMS.  Kiki can show us around this *Wednesday at 11:00AM*.  If
you are interested, feel free to show up and help us look over the space.
 If you intend to come, please reply to this thread so we'll know to expect
you and we can make sure we don't leave anyone out in the cold.

In the meantime we will also continue looking at other spaces since we
don't really know if this will amount to anything for EMS.

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