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Mon Sep 9 15:34:40 PDT 2013

Also this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x1xiT70yXk - solar 
pyrography machine.
Seems like a good stepping-stone project towards the 3d sintering machine.
Yeah we are kind of at the end of the solar project season. But damn it 
I say that every year. Next summer I want to be ready.


On 9/8/2013 9:08 PM, Mark Danburg-Wyld wrote:
> Also: http://www.dezeen.com/2011/06/28/the-solar-sinter-by-markus-kayser/
> What a world.
> On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 9:07 PM, Mark Danburg-Wyld 
> <EMAIL HIDDEN <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN>> wrote:
>     My guess is we would need full sunlight to get much heat. Maybe it
>     will still get hot enough to use as an oven though, even through
>     clouds.
>     Sam, good thought on scrounging the fresnel lens from an old tv -
>     just checked craigslist and there's several cheap-to-free ones
>     posted. All I need now is a truck and some free time... Apparently
>     there's both "spot" and "linear" versions, and the "spot" version
>     gets much much hotter.
>     I doubt putting another object in the current space is a good
>     idea, however. Especially one that starts with a fairly large lens
>     that has to be rolled out into full sunlight to get really
>     exciting results. Maybe this one should go on the back burner for
>     a few months until we're in a larger space - time the build to
>     finish when the clouds break next year?

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