[EMS Discuss] 8th and Olive Building (Downtown)

Tue Sep 10 11:11:20 PDT 2013

The Olive location appears to be stair access only.  We can look, but....

Franklin looks promising, but doesn't seem to offer any advantage over W 7th except being slightly cheaper, but
smaller.  Glenwood might be considered centrally located for all of Eugene/Springfield.

Front runner in my book is currently W. 7th.  Size, price, cleanliness/attractiveness, and security are all good. 
Location is as good as our current spot, probably slightly better.


> Hi Gang,
> found some new listings today. Part of the basment in the 8th and Olive
> building which is smack downtown is available for 40c / Sqft. at $1868
> it might be almost more than we can afford but most of the other space
> downtown is over a buck a sqft so if you really want to be there it's
> worth a look. :-)
> Another space is 4611 Franklin seems very cute and only $1200 / mo. but
> most of the way to Springfield.
> As always the updated info is at:
> https://www.eugenemakerspace.com/wiki/Sites/NewSpaceSearch
>      Ciao,
>      Clif
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