[EMS Discuss] 1121 Fairfield at the Gilbert shopping center

Tue Sep 10 13:12:54 PDT 2013

Yes probably, but they estimate the total NNN cost to be only an 
additional 4c / sqft. If all we have to do is climb up on the roof and 
spread black jack around once in a while it might not be that bad. ;-)


Rick Osgood wrote:
> That space sounds pretty awesome, and the price and size are fantastic.  I
> do worry about any spaces marked "triple net" though.  Doesn't that
> generally mean that we are responsible for the space as if we own it, only
> we don't actually own it?  Like it's our responsibility to make repairs,
> keep the place maintained, etc.  We can't really call the owner for any
> problems.
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 11:55 AM, Mr. Clif<EMAIL HIDDEN>  wrote:
>> Hi Gang,
>> Just popped out this morning to check the outside of this space some
>> pictures are here:
>> http://www.eugeneweb.com/**gallery2/v/clif/Geeky/EMS/**1121_Fairfield/<http://www.eugeneweb.com/gallery2/v/clif/Geeky/EMS/1121_Fairfield/>
>> Bullet points:
>> # $1250 / 5000ft² 25c / sqft Mostly office space at the Gilbert shopping
>> center (1121 Fairfield)
>> # 20 foot ceilings, 10 foot roll up door 2 entries with electronic door
>> locks! Tons of parking, triple net.
>> # Only 12 minuets from downtown, and close to Jerry's. More office space
>> than we could possibly sublet out.
>> # Next door to Lane Educational School District (ESD) offices, might be a
>> way to get on their radar and some support?
>> This is now the CHEAPEST place in Eugene on our list. I think a part of
>> this space could be used as a shop especially if the carpet is old and
>> ratty. ;-)
>>      Comments?
>>      Clif
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