[EMS Discuss] heat transfer tape or somesuch needed

Wed Sep 11 00:52:36 PDT 2013

Can you use thermal paste?  Most thermal pastes, even the silver based
ones, are nonconductive of electricity.  Maybe you can use thermal
paste to conduct the heat away, then use tape (electrician's, duct, or
whatever) to hold the parts in place.

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 1:50 PM, Cord Slatton <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am just about to be able to give the reveal on the problem the device I
> was working on but I need some heat(but not electrical) transferring tape or
> pads to go underneath some mosfets and keep them from grounding onto the
> heatsink. No one in town has it and I am am unsure what to even look it up
> as on the internet. Also i would like to get my hands on some quickly as it
> will let me know for sure if Darrell and my final solution to a lot of
> troubleshooting is correct :D
> If anyone has anything that would work I would be very appreciative. Thanks!
> Cord
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