[EMS Discuss] 1010 Grant Space

Thu Sep 12 13:35:53 PDT 2013

I couldn't make the viewing as it turned out, but from the location and 
look of the place it might be a winner. I think in any space we balance 
making arbitrary amounts of noise at any time of day with the location. 
The floor plan does look a bit funky, but maybe some of those walls are 
simple enough to (re)move? Either way, it checks my "need options for 
clean and quiet work" box.

Do I understand the whole building is up for sale though? What's the 
length of the lease and is that a concern? It would suck to spend time 
and money refurbing and getting moved in only to have to move again when 
the new owner makes new plans. Or perhaps the owner just needs to get 
money flowing again and would take it off the market if we sign a lease.


On 9/12/2013 11:30 AM, Mr. Clif wrote:
> Here are my pictures of the 1010 Grant space, they are unsorted right 
> now but I might be able to get to that later... :-)
> http://www.eugeneweb.com/gallery2/v/clif/Geeky/EMS/1010Grant/
>     Clif
> Rick Osgood wrote:
>> When we looked at this space yesterday I got the feeling that we all 
>> really
>> liked this space.  I just got a general good feeling from everyone 
>> like we
>> all thought it could work really well for EMS.
>> Does anyone have anything negative to say about this space? Personally,
>> the only things I can think of are having an apartment on top of the 
>> space
>> and being right next to a residential house.  Other than that I 
>> really like
>> this space.

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