[EMS Discuss] 1010 Grant Space

Thu Sep 12 17:44:21 PDT 2013

I think you guys were going to send me the questions so I didn't forget 
any. :-)


Rick Osgood wrote:
> Sam, most of the walls in the building can be moved and the management
> company says that's ok for us to do.  So we do have some good options for
> reconfiguring the space.
> Clif, are you sending questions over to the management company?  Did you
> want me or someone else to do that?  Do you remember all of the questions?
> Rick
> On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Sam Foster<EMAIL HIDDEN>  wrote:
>> I couldn't make the viewing as it turned out, but from the location and
>> look of the place it might be a winner. I think in any space we balance
>> making arbitrary amounts of noise at any time of day with the location. The
>> floor plan does look a bit funky, but maybe some of those walls are simple
>> enough to (re)move? Either way, it checks my "need options for clean and
>> quiet work" box.
>> Do I understand the whole building is up for sale though? What's the
>> length of the lease and is that a concern? It would suck to spend time and
>> money refurbing and getting moved in only to have to move again when the
>> new owner makes new plans. Or perhaps the owner just needs to get money
>> flowing again and would take it off the market if we sign a lease.
>> /Sam
>> On 9/12/2013 11:30 AM, Mr. Clif wrote:
>>> Here are my pictures of the 1010 Grant space, they are unsorted right now
>>> but I might be able to get to that later... :-)
>>> http://www.eugeneweb.com/**gallery2/v/clif/Geeky/EMS/**1010Grant/<http://www.eugeneweb.com/gallery2/v/clif/Geeky/EMS/1010Grant/>
>>>      Clif
>>> Rick Osgood wrote:
>>>> When we looked at this space yesterday I got the feeling that we all
>>>> really
>>>> liked this space.  I just got a general good feeling from everyone like
>>>> we
>>>> all thought it could work really well for EMS.
>>>> Does anyone have anything negative to say about this space? Personally,
>>>> the only things I can think of are having an apartment on top of the
>>>> space
>>>> and being right next to a residential house.  Other than that I really
>>>> like
>>>> this space.
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