[EMS Discuss] The owner of the lathe/drill press. Help?

Tue Sep 17 07:59:32 PDT 2013

I would like to get some tutelage on how to use it etc..
Happy to trade time for beer or something etc.

Project is a new printer (Printrbot Simple) aluminum bed with recess for
PCB heater and 4x6 glass plate.

I have all three parts:
Aluminum plate x2 (extra so I can screw one up if need be)
PCB Heater board
borosilicate glass 4x6inches

Idea is to machine the top of the print bed for level then recess a spot
for the useable print bed.  That recess hold the glass plate.

On the underside recess under glass bed for PCB heater board.

Drill holes for where level bed screw holes go and other holes for lighter

The standard bed is wood and is 6mm thick
The plate of alum I have are 6.5mm
The not custom replaced alum bed from Printrbot is 3.3mm (
http://printrbot.com/shop/printrbot-simple-metal-print-bed/) but does not
have recess for either glass or PCB heater.

I can provide pictures if need be...
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