[EMS Discuss] The owner of the lathe/drill press. Help?

Tue Sep 17 13:46:58 PDT 2013

Hi James

On 09/17/2013 07:59 AM, James Hukill wrote:
> I would like to get some tutelage on how to use it etc..
> Happy to trade time for beer or something etc.
> Project is a new printer (Printrbot Simple) aluminum bed with recess for
> PCB heater and 4x6 glass plate.
> I have all three parts:
> Aluminum plate x2 (extra so I can screw one up if need be)
> PCB Heater board
> borosilicate glass 4x6inches
> Idea is to machine the top of the print bed for level then recess a spot
> for the useable print bed.  That recess hold the glass plate.
> On the underside recess under glass bed for PCB heater board.

Not sure we are going to get it much flatter than it come from the factory

1/4" is pretty thin for a recess that may relieve stress possibly 
warping the plate

Are the recesses to bring your new 6.5mm plate to the thickness of the
the printbot 3.3mm part?

> Drill holes for where level bed screw holes go and other holes for
> lighter bed.

Makerspace already has all the drill bits you need (thanks Bob & Austin)
I think I saw a set of taps too.

I should be by tonight, we can point and grunt then.

> The standard bed is wood and is 6mm thick
> The plate of alum I have are 6.5mm
> The not custom replaced alum bed from Printrbot is 3.3mm
> (http://printrbot.com/shop/printrbot-simple-metal-print-bed/) but does
> not have recess for either glass or PCB heater.
> I can provide pictures if need be...
> Thanks!?
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