[EMS Discuss] New Online parts inventory system for EMS!

Tue Sep 17 20:28:45 PDT 2013

Hi Gang,

well I guess I wanted to procrastinate on something else I should have 
been doing, so I found a parts inventory program and installed it on the 
EMS server. Apparently without breaking any of our other Apps... 
(Mostly!) ;-)

Taper and I have been putting it through its passes and it seems to be 
doing pretty well. I selected it from a short list of other parts 
inventory systems I found here:


It's designed with hacker-spaces in mind, and is being used in several 
countries at least. It's bug tracker is pretty active and I actually 
chatted with the creator on IRC briefly today. :-)

You can see it here:

http://eugenemakerspace.com/partkeepr/ or http://eugenemakerspace.com/pk/

However, first you will need to contact Taper or I to get an account. 
Unfortunately it is very bare bones in the area of user registration and 
permissions. Eg. You get no access or full access. ;-) The only thing 
extra an administrator can do is create accounts. Maybe he will flesh 
that out some in the future.

You can add pictures and data sheets along with where to order more if 
needed for each part. You can also add projects with Bill Of Materials 
that will show you what parts you need and where to find them, (In the 
shop if possible). :-)

For those interested the docs are here:

or here: https://wiki.partkeepr.org/wiki/Main_Page
and there is a demo system here: http://demo.partkeepr.org/
That you can do anything to with wild abandon.

Just send Taper or I an email with your preferred user name and we will 
create you an account with a temp password that you can then change.

     Have fun, :-)

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