[EMS Discuss] Promoting EMS; Why is open hack night not on the EMS Calendar?

Weston Turner EMAIL HIDDEN
Tue Sep 24 22:20:14 PDT 2013

I think that the "If we build it they will come", i.e., getting a bigger
space, phenomena will only work so well at getting us more members. But we
are not helping either by not advertising our Open Hack Night on the events
calendar on our website.

Tonight Darrel, Taper, and I were brainstorming about other means of
promoting EMS, they are as follows:

KLCC Events Calender - http://www.klcc.org/calendar.asp
This is a free and effective way to promote events, it was the sole basis
for promoting a robotics club that I ran for a few years and there were
often 6 - 10 people that would show up just based on seeing the event on
the KLCC site. I looked at setting up an event for EMS, but they want my
email and phone number, so without having an EMS email, I'd rather let
someone with an official EMS address do it.

Eugene Weekly Events - http://www.eugeneweekly.com/content/calendar

Dean at the UO Science Library - Maybe we could put some EMS postcard sized
flyers on a table or desk at the Science Library.

Sherry at UO CS Department - Maybe we could do the same at the front desk
at the UO CS building.

Craigslist Events/Groups - http://eugene.craigslist.org/eve/

Go to the Science Pubs at Cozmic Pizza -
We could see about placing EMS flyers at the donations table at the Science
Pub, and if members made an effort to go and mingle with folks there, other
attendees would likely be interested in our organization (same target
demographic and all).

If anyone has other free and easy ideas for promoting EMS, lets hear them!

Best Regards,
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