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Darrell Perko dperko at efn.org
Mon Feb 3 21:00:13 PST 2014

It looks very nice!  Thank you.


On 2/3/2014 10:35 AM, Marie Slatton-Valle wrote:
> Hello makers,
> If you haven't already, check out the updated EMS website currently 
> located at this sandbox site: http://ems.catsylvania.com/. Discuss.
> The most notable changes to the website, aside from layout are that 
> the menu organization has changed and I have revised the wording 
> throughout in order to make the language more active and accessible to 
> a broader audience.  I also included additional information where 
> appropriate (for example, benefits of membership).  My updates and 
> comments have been noted in purple on Sam's website plan on the wiki: 
> https://www <https://www/>. 
> eugenemakerspace.com/wiki/Sites/EMSWebsitePlan 
> <http://eugenemakerspace.com/wiki/Sites/EMSWebsitePlan>.
> Short list of changes needed:
>   * front page photo slider images need resizing
>   * donation pledge subscription link is broken
>   * crosslinking various pages
>   * membership and events subsection needs to be finished (Marie
>     working on)
>   * update equipment wish list on wiki, link or add info to donate
>     subsection
>   * front page blogs; create "front page" category to highlight
>     specific blog posts
>   * tags
> I'm going to finish the section I'm working on.  Ben, Sam and anyone 
> else that wants to work on the website please do.  The main goal is 
> getting the website to a point where it can be transferred back to the 
> ems address and replace the old site.
> Cheers,
> Marie
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