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Mark Danburg-Wyld danburgwyld at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 21:33:51 PST 2014

I know, I send a lot of emails about this. Hey! Hey! Kickstarter Panel
Discussion is UNDER A MONTH AWAY! March 2, 10-11:30am, at the downtown

And I need help! (keep your snide comments to yourself! or not, if they're
amusing enough...)

Specifically, help in advertising the event. If you are part of a
Eugene-centric email distribution list or online forum (other than this
one) which would be an appropriate venue to publish info about the event,
would you *please* push the event there? I'm asking early-ish in case your
possible venue only publishes once a month or something.

Also specifically, I need help in running the event. I would like to have a
table set at the door with fliers about EMS or whatever other collateral we
can come up with and a person or two to shake hands and talk to attendees
about us.

I would also love to have someone record the event - either video or just
audio - for us to publish online afterwards. Photos? Sure, that's be great

And finally, I've got the room for 30 minutes prior/post the scheduled
time. There's not a lot to do for set-up/tear down, but a few extra hands
helping would be appreciated.

Let me know if you can help out with any of the above.

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