[EMS Discuss] Target range - Elephant in the room?

Rick Osgood rick at richardosgood.com
Thu Feb 6 11:54:33 PST 2014

Just a reminder that it's been just about a week since this was sent out.
 Has the team decided what to do?  I only heard two people chime in that
disassembling it was reasonable but that there was also possible storage
for the project as-is in Veneta.  Any more thoughts?

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 11:39 AM, Mr. Clif <clif at eugeneweb.com> wrote:

>  I can offer some offsite storage for the shooting gallery in Veneta.
>     Clif
> On 01/31/2014 08:18 AM, Rick Osgood wrote:
>  During the space improvement night we got to discussing the target
> shooting range project again.  This can be a touchy subject because some
> members put a lot of time and money into this project already.  Some other
> members feel that it takes up too much space for the value it brings to
> EMS, and some also question the value it would bring even if it was
> finished and functional (in comparison to the space it takes up)
>  We've had several email threads about this subject in the past and they
> generally end with people saying they don't want to scrap the project and
> they will help out on the project, but only a couple of people ever seem to
> actually follow through.  And unfortunately those people don't have the
> time or funding to finish it right now.  At this point something has to be
> done.
>  We believe there are a few options for this project:
>  Option 1. We can disassemble the project.  People can take their stuff
> back and useful unclaimed parts can go into bins for public use.  Maybe we
> can save some pieces for display?  Like Bob the robot or the awesome ammo
> case with guns inside.  Anything that can be displayed without taking up
> too much space.  The rest gets recycled or thrown away.
>  Option 2. The team needs to start paying for project storage as per the
> EMS storage policy.
>  Option 3. If the team doesn't want to pay, the team needs to get 51% of
> the membership to approve the project as a sponsored project as per the EMS
> storage policy.
>  Option 4. The team can take the project off site to store it/work on it
> until they can find the time to put more work into it.
>   I think it would be fair to take a week to discuss this and let the
> members who are involved make a decision.  Then we can move forward as a
> community from there.  Let's have the discussion in this thread and figure
> it out.  I'll send out an update on 2/7/2014 so this isn't forgotten.
>  Rick
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