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I also vote yes

On Feb 10, 2014 8:53 PM, "Bob Miller" <kbob at jogger-egg.com
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TL;DR: I'm asking for members to sponsor the Team LEO pumpkin
slingshot as an EMS gallery item for 6 months so I don't have to pay
to store it.  I need 51% of members to say yes.

Team LEO artfully displayed our pumpkin slingshot near the ceiling of
our space a few weeks ago.  (See photo.)  We'd like to have it be an
official EMS Gallery Item, on display to edify and delight visitors to
our space.  We'd like to keep it there for six months, which will get
us close to next pumpkin chucking season.

If approved, I'll move the Pick A Part sign a little to the right so
it isn't pointing right at the slingshot.

If you're a member, and you approve of this addition to our space,
please reply.  If 51% of you do, it's official.

Thank you.

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        kbob at jogger-egg.com
<mailto:kbob at jogger-egg.com> 

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