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I also vote yes
On Feb 10, 2014 8:53 PM, "Bob Miller" <kbob at jogger-egg.com> wrote:

TL;DR: I'm asking for members to sponsor the Team LEO pumpkin
>slingshot as an EMS gallery item for 6 months so I don't have to pay
>to store it.  I need 51% of members to say yes.
>Team LEO artfully displayed our pumpkin slingshot near the ceiling of
>our space a few weeks ago.  (See photo.)  We'd like to have it be an
>official EMS Gallery Item, on display to edify and delight visitors to
>our space.  We'd like to keep it there for six months, which will get
>us close to next pumpkin chucking season.
>If approved, I'll move the Pick A Part sign a little to the right so
>it isn't pointing right at the slingshot.
>If you're a member, and you approve of this addition to our space,
>please reply.  If 51% of you do, it's official.
>Thank you.
>Bob Miller                              K<bob>
>                                        kbob at jogger-egg.com
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