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I have a friend that makes rocket engines with percalsium chloride if you want to go the solid fuel route, AKA flash power. He's the other guy on my pumpkin chunk'in team. I think he made a batch of the stuff using an electrolytic process in his bath tub using a jug of bleach, other chemicals, a car battery charger and copper plates for electrodes. He forms rocket nozzles that stand the heat pretty good with engine gasket putty from a car parts store. ABS is often used for his casings. Some of these rockets were of the size he took out in the desert so they wouldn't hit anything if they failed.

He also makes uhh... we'll call them sonic identifiers out of the stuff. My ears are still ringing.

He would be happy to share what he learned and I can put you in contact if interested. Actually he wants to talk to someone at EMS about quad copters too. 


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That should work for getting the n2o.  I just need a tank to store it in.  I checked Autozone's website and they sell 10lb and 15lb "tank kits" but they are like $500!  That's ridiculous.  I don't need anything specialized, just a tank that these guys can fill.  I'm curious why those kids are so expensive.  Maybe they are special light weight tanks or something.

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Garage 808 has nitrous filling.
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>This sounds like a cool project. If you have a bottle, you might be able to check with industrial welding supply to see if they would fill it. If you are up for experimenting with very small quantities, cooking supply stores often have nitrous oxide in little cartridges that look like CO2 cartridges for BB guns.
>>A couple of years ago, I spent a week or so drawing and dreaming about building a rubber fueled, nitrous oxide oxidized hybrid rockets to mount to the trailer hitch on my car. It wouldn't produce very much thrust and the size I envisioned, but I would technically have a rocket car for a little…
>>- Ben
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>>I've been thinking of trying to build a hybrid rocket for a while now.  I want to use nitrous oxide as my oxidizer but I don't have much experience buying or using industrial gasses.  Does anyone know a place in town I would likely be able to purchase a small canister of the stuff?  I imagine it might be difficult because of it's potential negative uses.  I'm hoping someone here might have some experience with this.
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